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Our Alliances

Independently Minded, Globally Connected

Meenes Wealth Partners is committed to delivering personalized financial advice and wealth management services to each of our clients. We believe it is imperative your financial advisor really knows you and understands you—your values, your personal and professional goals, and both your short and long-term objectives. 

By partnering with the world-class institutions below, Meenes Wealth provides their clients with the best of both worlds—a professional who will truly take an interest in your big vision for life, while coordinating solutions to bring you a unified, professionally-managed, solid plan. 

We also coordinate with your existing attorneys, CPA/tax consultants, or insurance brokers to form a “virtual team” that will ensure all aspects of your financial plan and estate plan are in alignment. And should you need, we can recommend vetted professionals in each of these areas with whom we have successfully partnered in the past.