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Managing Your Finances During Market Volatility Thumbnail

Managing Your Finances During Market Volatility

The stock market can be unpredictable and volatile, making investing and financial planning extra challenging. However, there are ways to navigate these changes and achieve your financial objectives. Here are some strategies and tips on how to manage your finances during times of market volatility:

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3 Common Investing Mistakes Thumbnail

3 Common Investing Mistakes

Avoiding these mistakes can improve the odds of reaching your long-term investment goals. Many people start out managing their own investments. But as their earnings and assets grow, their financial needs and challenges become more complex—and continuing to go it alone could prove costly in terms of investing miscues.

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4 Ways to Improve the Probability of a Good Retirement Thumbnail

4 Ways to Improve the Probability of a Good Retirement

Despite the fundamental shift over the past two decades in how people save for retirement, research shows that one of the best ways you can support an expected standard of living in retirement remains the same: Save early in your career, save more as your annual income increases, and build a framework to monitor your progress.

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Part 2 of 2: Six Life Principles That Also Apply to Investing Thumbnail

Part 2 of 2: Six Life Principles That Also Apply to Investing

Investing isn't just about chasing returns; it's about empowering your future. By integrating these life lessons into your investment journey, you can build a plan that reflects your values, withstands uncertainty, and ultimately, helps you live a richer, more fulfilling life. Remember, the best investment strategy is the one that aligns with your unique goals and empowers you to make informed decisions, even when the future seems unclear.

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Uncertainty Is Underrated Thumbnail

Uncertainty Is Underrated

For many people, uncertainty is something to avoid or at least mitigate. But what about the positive things that uncertainty can bring? Without it, there would be no surprises, no joy in watching sports, and no 10% average annualized return on the stock market over the past century. Regardless of what level of risk feels right, you should invest and be prepared for a range of outcomes.

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