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National Financial Wellness Month Thumbnail

National Financial Wellness Month

January is Financial Wellness Month. Consider some of these tips in our latest article to improve your financial wellness. What is financial wellness? Financial wellness is a state of being in which you can meet current and future...

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Why you might need a Living Trust? Thumbnail

Why you might need a Living Trust?

A living trust may be a powerful tool in your estate planning toolbox. Learn more about what living trusts are and if they make sense for you. A living trust is a popular consideration in many estate strategy conversations, but its appropriateness will depend upon...

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2022 Contribution Limits Thumbnail

2022 Contribution Limits

Preparing for retirement just got a little more financial wiggle room. The Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) announced new contribution limits for 2022. Take a look at the new limits to see if these increases apply to your retirement strategy.

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Estate Taxes May Be Amended Soon Thumbnail

Estate Taxes May Be Amended Soon

Right now, Congress is considering a number of tax law changes, including an adjustment to current estate tax law to help pay for the Build Back Better Plan. This article examines current estate taxes and cautions against any sudden...

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Are Capital Gains Taxes Changing? Thumbnail

Are Capital Gains Taxes Changing?

There are a lot of questions about President Biden’s Build Back Better plan and potential tax law changes, including an adjustment to capital gains taxes. Many ideas are being considered as legislators look for ways to...

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A Guide to 401(k) In-Service Withdrawals Thumbnail

A Guide to 401(k) In-Service Withdrawals

Can you withdraw money from your 401(k) while you are still employed? Not everyone should; not everyone can. However, if you can, it may mean that you can effectively implement a part of your retirement income strategy before you retire. If your 401(k) permits it, you may have the opportunity to take an...

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Is Your Financial Advisor a True Fiduciary? Thumbnail

Is Your Financial Advisor a True Fiduciary?

When it comes to choosing an individual to manage your money, your chief concern will likely be trust. Who can I trust to help me make the best choices with my assets? How can I be sure that I’ll be offered the best advice for my unique situation and not handed a one-size-fits-all “financial plan?”

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Evidence-Based Advice Thumbnail

Evidence-Based Advice

Not all investment strategies are created equal, so it should come as no surprise that the financial industry is rife with differing opinions. However, research and science have shown that, over time, the Evidence-based (EB) approach is superior to both the typical passive and active approaches.

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The Complexity-Based Fee Model Thumbnail

The Complexity-Based Fee Model

With so many individuals in the industry claiming to be “financial advisors,” it can be difficult to differentiate between those who will truly provide objective advice and those who are more concerned with bolstering their own bottom line. Fortunately, understanding how your advisor is compensated will...

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