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  • Objective advice – Unlike most financial advisors who charge based on a percentage of your portfolio’s Assets Under Management (AUM), or frequent product transaction fees, our compensation doesn’t vary based on the recommendations we make. By sitting on the same side of the table as you, we provide the best advice suited for your unique situation.
  • Lower overall costs – Since we don’t charge based upon your portfolio size, or receive transaction fees, we are able to implement your plan in a more cost-effective manner including low-fee, high-quality investments and other solutions typically only available at the institutional level. Your fees do not increase simply because your wealth increases. The year after year fee savings you will achieve remains yours to compound and accumulate over time.

In addition, our complexity-based fee typically represents significant savings to those with portfolios over $750,000, compared to the traditional financial advisory approach. Contact Us today to learn more.




Complimentary Get Acquainted Meeting

We start with a confidential, no-obligation introductory meeting to get to know one another and assess if Meenes Wealth might be the right fit for you.

Fee: $0 (Complimentary)

Schedule an Initial Conversation Now


Initial Financial Planning Meeting

 This is where we will discuss your personal and professional goals, address your short and long-term objectives, and evaluate where your resources currently stand. We’ll ask you to complete and send to us the Meenes Wealth Client Questionnaire and Cash Flow Documents to ensure a successful meeting. After the meeting, we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal of services based on the findings of our meetings and complexities of your unique situation. 

Fee: $350


Agreement For Services

 At this juncture, you’ll decide if an ongoing Wealth Management relationship with Meenes Wealth is right for you. If so, this is where we’ll roll up our sleeves and begin implementing the services and planning work laid out in the proposal.

 A one-time Custom Financial Plan Design Fee is assessed upon engagement of services. The fee begins at $4,500 and is determined by the overall complexity of the financial plan. 

 For an ongoing* financial advice and investment management relationship, our complexity-based fees begin at $7,500 per year.

Additional Service Available For Working Professionals ONLY

Current Investment Portfolio Analysis and Recommendations

Are you a working professional who is unsure if your current investment portfolio is on track to get you where you want to go? Not sure if your investment selection and allocations are aimed at your final destination? If you are interested in a second opinion, Meenes Wealth will perform an overall review of your current investments, including your 401(k) and IRA holdings, your portfolio’s current level of risk, as well as your asset allocation. After reviewing your current holdings, we’ll provide you with an objective opinion of your situation as well as recommendations on how to improve them.

 $1,295 one-time fee

Schedule an Initial Conversation Now

*There are no long-term commitments. We only ask for a 30-day notice should you desire to cancel services for any reason. Ongoing fees are paid in arrears, pro-rated as needed, and due on a quarterly basis.