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Evidence-Based Advice Thumbnail

Evidence-Based Advice

Not all investment strategies are created equal, so it should come as no surprise that the financial industry is rife with differing opinions. However, research and science have shown that, over time, the Evidence-based (EB) approach is superior to both the typical passive and active approaches.

Formulated from the Nobel-prize winning research of Modern Portfolio Theory, the EB approach is based on long-term market history and peer-reviewed academic evidence rather than near-term forecasting, speculative trading, or rapid emotional responses to market movement. Instead of chasing the latest hot stock, or blindly following conventional wisdom and media trends, EB advisors instead apply financial research and knowledge to give their clients an edge. 

I take this one step further by implementing Evidence-based advice. Evidence-based advice uses what we know from financial science and research to prudently manage and adjust both the portfolio and, more importantly, the overall financial plan. By looking at (1) the complete history of the financial markets and (2) the comprehensive information relevant to your financial picture, we make the best financial and investment decisions for your unique situation. 

In application, this involves leaning your portfolio to the areas of the market that typically outperform over long periods of time while also optimizing expected return based on an acceptable level of market risk, realizing that risk is an inherent part of a higher reward. Each portfolio is crafted to meet a client’s unique financial milestones on their projected timeline according to time-tested academic evidence. Each financial plan is then designed and implemented based upon an optimized analysis of each client's probability of success. 

As an investment advisor who operates under the EB ideology, I know that trying to “beat” any particular index or “get rich quick” with frequent (and costly) trades does not serve my clients well. The active approach, at its core, places the security of a client’s assets at further risk while the costs associated put significant drag on a portfolio’s growth. 

Alternatively, I seek to pragmatically help my clients build and sustain wealth with a delicate balance of risk and return that affords them the opportunity to securely and confidently fund each of their future financial goals. 

At Meenes Wealth, we recognize that risk is inherent in investing. However, we are also confident that our calculated investment choices and EB advisory strategies have the power to mitigate this risk.

If you’d like more information about my Evidence-based advice and investment management, contact me to schedule your initial conversation to discuss if Meenes Wealth could be a good fit for you.