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Market Volatility and Ukraine One Month In Thumbnail

Market Volatility and Ukraine One Month In

Markets were volatile prior to the invasion and have become even more so one month into the war. As we monitor the situation closely, nobody can consistently predict market moves. We’ve seen broad selloffs followed by huge rallies – sometimes within the same trading session. Volatility will most likely continue, at least for the short term, as investors weigh the impact of rising inflation, energy prices, supply-chain disruptions, and interest rates.

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Understanding (and Avoiding) the "Money Illusion" Thumbnail

Understanding (and Avoiding) the "Money Illusion"

The “money illusion” refers to how we view our buying power today versus in the future. Are you falling victim to this potentially dangerous ideology? It’s no surprise that a dollar today isn’t worth the same as a dollar was 20 years ago. This is the result of inflation. Inflation plays a major role in financial planning whether you are conscious of it or not...

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National Financial Wellness Month Thumbnail

National Financial Wellness Month

January is Financial Wellness Month. Consider some of these tips in our latest article to improve your financial wellness. What is financial wellness? Financial wellness is a state of being in which you can meet current and future...

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